News from the Historic Delano Neighborhood

The return of DelanoWichita


After yr faithful editor moved to the Jersey Shore(!), DelanoWichita posts and tweets trailed off a bit. A couple of Dispatches (now edited by Dorothy Crouch), occasional tweets by ATBBQ's @superdumb, not much else.

As you would have noticed if the update hadn't been stalled by a hosting-company crisis, that began to change on January 1, with daily Delano-relevant link summaries. Shortly, we'll have access set up for the neighborhood, clergy, and business associations to post their articles too.

We also have a new Facebook page, on which entries from this site will appear if everything is set up right, and the long-standing Twitter account which at the moment is chiefly retweeting other Delano accounts.

Things are a little bare-bones here at the moment, but they're getting filled in. Keep watching!

Visitors JANUARY 29, 2016

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News from the Historic Delano Neighborhood

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