Sausage on the grill, copyright 2010 Steven Depolo, CC-BY

Whole Hog Butchering and Intro to Sausage Making


Sausage on the grill, copyright 2010 Steven Depolo, CC-BY

All Things BBQ is famous for their smoking and grilling classes, but this Saturday's classes are a little... different.

Alex Pope of the Local Pig (Kansas City) will be teaching a morning and afternoon class.

Don't miss this outstanding opportunity to learn sausage making from Alex Pope of the Local Pig (Kansas City).

In the morning whole hog butchering class, students will work with the two sides of a large hog, breaking down the side into primals and then further portioning into retail cuts.

In the afternoon Introduction to Sausage Making class,students will learn the methods behind making four different sausage recipes. Come prepared to learn the tips, tricks and techniques from a master sausage maker.

The morning class filled up quickly - which probably means another will be scheduled at some point - but there are still seats available in the afternoon class.

Visitors AUGUST 8, 2016

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