Campaign signs in a right-of-way

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It's that season again.

Campaign signs in a right-of-way

Delano has no special regulations for residential yard signs, but they must adhere to city and county codes. Sedgwick County has linked to some resources to help you know where to put signs.

A few of the highlights:

  • Political signs may not be larger than six square feet, and may not be taller than five feet
  • Political signs may not be located in public rights of way (even in front of your own property). Generally, this means they must be behind the sidewalk, or behind sidewalk cuts if there is no sidewalk, but in places where the sidewalk curves the right-of-way is still a straight line. They may also not be located closer than six feet from side property lines.
  • Political signs must be removed within seven days after the election.

The county has links to local sign guidelines, including some from the City of Wichita. There is a letter with guidelines and a diagram (both PDF) to help with correct placement. Incorrectly placed signs may be impounded by Central Inspection.

The same regulations (along with others) apply to commercial signage year-round; if you have questions, contact Central Inspection at 268-4479. In particular, note that Delano has a blanket prohibition on all off-site signage, generally meaning it requires a variance to put up anything from a billboard down to a Coroplast-on-a-wire other than on the property where the business operates.

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