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Cell Tower

A request has been submitted to the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission to exempt a property from the Delano Overlay in order to put up a cell tower. The issue will be taken up at the June 2 meeting of the commission.

ZON2016 - 00020 City Protective Overlay Amendment to remove the Delano Overlay on a parcel in U University Zoning for a wireless communication tower, generally located south of W. Douglas and east of Kessler [sic] Street (2100 University Ave.).

The Delano Overlay is a special zoning code (PDF) which is "Intended to preserve, enhance, and promote the character of the Delano neighborhood as prescribed in the Delano Neighborhood Revitalization Plan."

There are two levels of restriction in the overlay: "Prohibited Use" and "Conditional Use." Conditional uses can be approved on a case-by-case basis, with review from a committee composed of Delano neighborhood, clergy, and business representatives, and City/County staff.

Prohibited uses, which include things like adult businesses, trash incinerators, and oil wells, cannot be placed in the Overlay District at all. Punching a hole in the District, therefore, is an end run around this restriction.

"Keep out or disguise communication towers" (emphasis added) was in the Delano Plan (PDF) formulated and agreed on by Delano stakeholders almost twenty years ago. This tower will be on the Friends University campus, overlooking the future Chisholm Trail bike/walk path, and Delanonians should probably keep on top of this issue.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 2, at 1:30 pm in the 10th floor meeting room at City Hall.

Neighbors MAY 20, 2016

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