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Cell Tower Zoning Request update


Cell Tower

The zoning request has been indefinitely deferred. Verizon would like to replace an existing light tower on the athletic field at Friends University with a disguised cell tower, but has not yet attempted the required investigation into leasing tower space from existing co-location sites in the area.

Again, the Delano Plan (PDF) prohibits cell towers, without even the option for a conditional-use exception to be made. Senior planner Bill Longnecker proposed the parcel be removed entirely from the Overlay, and claims that a hearing at MAPC and DAB4 meets the public input requirements. This seems contradictory - it should not be easier to secede from the Plan and all its protections than to get an exemption to just one. If Planning believes cell towers should be regulated but permitted within the Overlay, then the Overlay requirements (a city ordinance like any other) should be changed, not scrapped.

If you're concerned by this, the Delano Neighborhood Association, Historic Delano, and GreenWay Alliance are keeping on top of the issue. Contact one of those organizations to keep up to date with the situation.

Neighbors MAY 31, 2016

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