One early suggestion for Delano Park West

On the importance of the public square (or triangle)


One early suggestion for Delano Park West

The Architectural League has posted an excerpt from the book City Squares: Eighteen Writers on the Spirit and Significance of Squares Around the World. You're encouraged to read the whole thing, or even the whole book, but here's an excerpt from the excerpt:

The new square instantly became one of the most successful public spaces in the city, with people toting prosciutto sandwiches out of Eataly, the nearby Italian food market, and Shake Shack burgers out of the park just to sit in the middle of traffic - because from there you can see the Flatiron Building one way and the Empire State building the other, but also for the reason people gravitate to Trafalgar Square in London or the Piazza della Signoria in Florence as opposed to Hampstead Heath or the Boboli Gardens: to be in the middle of things. As retreats, parks give us room to breathe and feel alone. Squares reaffirm our commonality, our shared sense of place, and our desire to be included.

Delano's public "square" was to have been a triangle, but unfortunately the City of Wichita has put it up for sale (throwing a token bone to its citizens by promising that the buyer will have to maintain some "public" space).

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