Trashcan the Catfish

Save Trashcan! Trashcan Benefit Sale at Black Pearl


Trashcan the Catfish

Delano is home to a number of shop pets, and Trashcan is probably not the only fish - but she's almost certainly the largest, and her tank equipment is not cheap. Her owner posted the following to Facebook:

Save Trashcan! The store airpump quit working! The one that powered sponge filters for our redtail catfish, Trashcan!

Her tank is suffering from ammonia spikes! We need to replace the pump ASAP, but it costs $600, so let's have a sale!

Guess what is on Sale? Air pumps and sponge filters! 15% off!


  • Rock- Lava Rock, Live Rock, Lace Rock etc is 10% off

  • Substrate- including plant gravels and live sand is 10% off

This article has probably set a new record for "number of exclamation marks on DelanoWichita.

Visitors JULY 22, 2016

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