Baseball Round The Clock

It's time for Baseball 'Round The Clock!


Baseball Round The Clock

Baseball 'Round The Clock, one of the NBC World Series' more unusual events, happens tomorrow through Sunday. Do you have what it takes?

Here's how it works: your entry fee entitles you to a ticket for each of the twelve games. There is at least one check-in point during each game - participants will be notified and have ten minutes to get to the check-in location. If you make all the check-ins, you win a T-shirt and a chance at other prizes, up to $500 cash. Bring a tent and sleep on the stadium grounds, or just nap in the new seats - you don't have to stay in the stadium itself as long as you make every check-in.

Register on the NBC site for a reduced rate, or at the gate.

Visitors AUGUST 4, 2016

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