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Domain for sale:

Some years ago, in a fit of overoptimism over the possibility of a Delano business association, acquired the domain Since then, it's done nothing but forward to other domains (most recently, to the Shop Delano Facebook page, run by the Cary family of ATBBQ fame). It's up for renewal, and (since yr faithful ed. lives in South Jersey now) is unlikely to go much of anywhere, so we'll entertain offers for it before letting it lapse.

For that matter, offers (serious ones only, in this case) for will be entertained as well, since again: South Jersey. There's been no interest expressed by readers in supporting the site via Patreon, so it's purely a labor of love - which doesn't make sense from 1600 miles away, but Delano is hard to let go of.

9 November update: is going to Delano United - DelanoWichita itself is still up for grabs, and will go to the Delano Neighborhood Association at the end of the year if no better offers come along.

One does not simply walk away from Delano.

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