Metro Court via Google Streetview

Delano's colorful past sometimes haunts it


Metro Court via Google Streetview

And no, we're not talking about the Ghost Stories of Historic Delano. Instead, it's a zoning request which you wouldn't think would be "colorful," but this one's a little more lively than most. As previously mentioned on DW, MAPC heard and approved the request to "upgrade" the already-problematic property to a zoning with even more potential for problems. The Homer Morgan Revocable Trust has been requesting zoning changes for all its little low-rent strip-mall bar properties around town, and apparently MAPC felt they had to approve at least one of them, despite DAB IV's unanimous excoriation. From the Council minutes for next Tuesday:

"On August 1, 2016, District Advisory Board (DAB) IV reviewed the application and recommended denial (9-0). Several members of the public spoke at the DAB hearing and cited experiences with loud music, drugs, prostitution, public urination, and other crimes associated with the nightclub from when it was open previously. On August 4, 2016, the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC) approved the request (7-1) subject to the conditions stated in the attached Resolution. One citizen spoke in opposition to the request and cited the same concerns expressed at the DAB meeting. Protest petitions have been received totaling 23.84% of the land area within 200 feet of application area. Because the protest is greater than 20%, approval of the request requires a three-fourths majority vote of the City Council. finds the applicant's assertion that this is a "neighborhood bar" that's been in operation "for 50 years" - in a building built in 1982 - offensive, since anyone who has lived nearby can attest that it's been a revolving door. Even the most recent license is suspect - the license may have been kept active for the past three years but the establishment hasn't actually been open for most of it. It is keeping its grandfathering only by the broadest possible interpretation of the law, if that.

The current tenant's Facebook page isn't shy about it (or anything else) either:

Metro Court grand opening

The issue will be heard by the City Council on Tuesday at the 9am meeting. Approval will require six out of seven votes; denial by alternate finding will require five out of seven; punting back to MAPC will require four out of seven. Contact your City Council representative to give them your input on this. Delano is no longer the place Wichita should pawn off its questionable drinking establishments.

At least they've got building numbers that are over 4" tall.

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