Neighborhood Cleanup

The Delano Neighborhood Cleanup is coming


Neighborhood Cleanup

The Delano Neighborhood Association needs helpers for the Neighborhood Cleanup this month.

  • Workers to follow the packer trucks to load debris.
  • Helpers to put donation flyers on the doors of the pickup address.
  • Drivers to carry the helpers and follow the packer trucks.
  • Workers for the drop off site on South Osage.
  • Helpers and food donations for a meal for the cleanup workers.

Call Dorothy at 945-8425 if you can help in any way.

2016-09-13 update: A reader was concerned the picture showed kids riding on the back of the truck, which is no longer allowed at all, and was never allowed for minors. It's okay: the picture was taken during the post-cleanup luncheon when the volunteers (and drivers) were inside the church eating. The kids wanted their picture taken on the truck, and climbed on it like playground equipment. Big, stinky playground equipment. Parents were just off-camera, and got their pictures taken on the truck too. Yr faithful ed. has ridden on the back of a truck, and it is definitely not safe for kids. Or for out-of-shape grownups with bad knees, either.

Neighbors SEPTEMBER 13, 2016

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