Ghost Tour

This week is the last Ghost Stories of Historic Delano tour!


Ghost Tour

At least, this is the last year that you'll tour through the Neighborhood visiting haunted sites, so be sure not to miss it this Thursday from 6 to 9pm.

It's a self-guided tour - pick up maps at one of the starting points, and visit as many sites as you're brave enough to. You can start at:

  • Lawrence-Dumont Stadium (where the ghost of Hap Dumont is said to haunt the office where he died)
  • Senior Center (Burton & Handley)
  • Amira's Dance Productions (1702 W. Douglas)
  • Delano BBQ (710 W. Douglas)

Nancy and Mary Lou and the rest of the crew have put a lot of work into this event over the years, so if you see them, be sure to thank them. They're already busy putting a lot of work into next year's Delano Fall Festival, a multi-day event which will incorporate the Ghost Tour as well as a celebration of the Chisholm Trail.

Visitors OCTOBER 3, 2016

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