Ruben's Mexican Grill

How selling tacos at the farmer's market turned into a Delano mainstay


Ruben's Mexican Grill

Okay, the article actually says "Wichita mainstay," but who's counting?

Ruben's Mexican Grill has a very nice writeup on the local SBA office's website, if you were ever curious about the history of the restaurant.

Ruben and Anita Acosta started their journey in 1997 when they sold flowers and other items at the farmer's market in Old Town. Ruben recalled there was a man who sold tamales at the market for a couple of years, but then stopped. "His tamales were popular and he used to run out of product before the market closed each Saturday. When I found out that he quit due to a death in his family, I thought it would be a good thing to start selling at the market", said Ruben.

Ruben and his wife Anita started to bring tamales and enchiladas to sell, and the investment quickly paid off.

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