Proposed district changes

City proposes merging east and west banks of Arkansas River


Proposed district changes

Not literally, but the Tuesday City Council meeting is slated to adopt a "resolution setting a public hearing for consideration of an amendment to the East Bank Redevelopment District boundaries and a change to the District Plan," to add the parts of Delano generally east of Sycamore shown in the map above. This will make potential changes to sales and property taxes for that area, and is a step toward bringing it under WDDC control.

This is a pretty major thing, so the only thing voted on tomorrow is, as the quoted agenda item says, the creation of a public hearing on the subject. That hearing will be part of the December 6 City Council meeting, and the vote will happen immediately after it. That's a specific exception to the usual City Council meeting, which doesn't have public comment times.

The next Delano Neighborhood Association meeting is scheduled for November 15, and this proposal is likely to find its way onto the agenda. If so, this is probably worth attending for both neighbors and business owners. The District Advisory Board IV and VI agendas for November 7 have not yet been published, but it is also likely to be discussed there.

The full agenda is available here (warning: 15MB PDF). The proposals are on pages 24-39.

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