The Big Apple

A final(?) Food Truck Alert


The Big Apple

Now that Aero Plains Brewing is making near-daily food truck presence a thing in Delano, this will be the last Food Truck Alert - at least until DelanoWichita is handed off to the Neighborhood Association (which is happening behind the scenes right now).

  • Wed - 5-8pm - Funky Monkey Munchies (Asian Fusion)
  • Fri - 12-4pm - The Food Guy (Gourmet Tacos and more)
  • Fri - 5-9pm - Sweet Willy's BBQ
  • Sat - 12-4pm - The Big Apple (New York Deli)
  • Sat - 5-9pm - Funky Monkey Munchies (Asian Fusion)

Like weekly events such as Big Dave's Small Plates, reporting on every recurring event would overwhelm the site so from here on out only multi-truck or other special events will turn up.

Visitors NOVEMBER 23, 2016

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