Mystery Room exhibit by Linnebur and Miller

It's Final Black Friday... or Black Final Friday?


Mystery Room exhibit by Linnebur and Miller

Skip the Black Friday shopping madness (save your money for Small Business Saturday) and spend the day with your family - then come out Friday evening to the Final Friday art crawl. Delano-side events are a little sparse (or at least a little less advertised) this month, but Newman is making up for that with a very unusual exhibit.

Within Linnebur & Miller’s Mystery Room, a lush terrain teeming with a unique assortment of otherworldly flora and fauna from the Reignglora XVI Galactic Region Wildlife Preserve has materialized for a limited time. Get the most out of this rare and beautiful occurrence by taking the self-guided tour along the Seraphim Crest Supernature Trail to discover a few of the many secrets hidden within this fascinating pocket of the universe.

Join Linnebur & Miller for the Mystery Room Grand Reveal on Final Friday, Nov. 25th, from 5pm to 10PM at the Steckline Gallery, DeMattias Fine Arts Center, Newman University.

The Mystery Room will also be open to the public during regular gallery hours through Dec. 16

Visitors NOVEMBER 23, 2016

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