Delano street view by FUBAR007  - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -



Delano street view by FUBAR007  - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

The Historic Delano Neighborhood boundaries are the Arkansas River on the north and east, Meridian Avenue on the west, and Kellogg/US-54 to the south. The Delano Neighborhood Overlay also includes part of what is now McCormick Neighborhood to the south. The area is also called the Delano District, though this also sometimes refers only to downtown Delano, the stretch of Douglas between the river and at least Seneca, possibly as far as Vine.

DelanoWichita started out as an aggregator for all Delano news – simply pulling together syndicated feeds of various Delano sites, bloggers, and results of news searches for Delano.

But not everything ended up in those feeds, so DW has gradually switched over to original(ish) stories. Some are just pointers to other information, but much of it comes straight from the Delano grapevine. DW exists to signal-boost other sites; to cheerlead Delano events, businesses, and people; and occasionally even does some "real" journalism of its own.

DW's future is somewhat in doubt - yr faithful ed. has relocated 1600 miles away, and while the bulk of the research was done behind a keyboard already it's difficult to justify running a blog that as of this writing has zero Patrons and does not sell advertising. Got ideas, offers, or general fan mail? Contacts are at the bottom of every page.

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