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Delano Neighborhood Revitalization Report Published

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 09:36 Used tags: , ,

The final report of the K-State design studio is available online:  The report, titled "Delano's Turn" contains two volumes.  Volume 1 contains the design concepts, and Volume 2 documents the student research.
The Delano Plan Advisory Committee will start meeting later this month to compare, evaluate, prioritize, and possibly combine the ideas presented.

Because the report was designed to be published as a book, it was not optimized for viewing over the Internet. Here is a version adapted for mobile and desktop reading.

  1. Design Concepts
    1. Introduction
    2. Rail+
    3. Main Event
    4. Green Gray Blue
    5. Strengthening the Urban Mosaic
    6. Appendix
  2. Student Research