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Board nominations

Posted on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 08:04 Used tags:

The Nominating Committee hereby submits the following names for consideration during our election:

President: Mistie Sifford. Mistie has lived in the Delano District her entire life (over 30 years). She is very active in the community, having served as Vice-President for the Delano Neighborhood Association for the past two years. Mistie will be Level one certified with the Kansas Leadership Committee by June of 2019. She is a grant partner and Event Coordinator with Love Your Community. She serves as Treasurer and gives advice to the Coalition Wichita. Mistie is involved with the Delano Girl Scout troop. She is a mentor for the PANDO Initiative and the founder of Delano Safe Treat. Mistie currently is an active attendee of the Citizen Police Academy and has a good rapport with Wichita Police Department, the City of Wichita, local churches and other organizations that serve the Delano neighborhood.

Vice-President: Christopher Parisho. Christopher has been a Delano resident for 12 years. He has 4 children that have attended Franklin Elementary, where his youngest child still attends. Two more currently attend West High. Christopher is a self-employed photographer, and worked in the aircraft industry for a decade prior to starting his own business. He is the fourth District Representative on the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Board, on the MAPC Delano Advisory Committee, and the Treasurer at Delano United. Further, Christopher already serves the Delano Neighborhood Association through his membership in the Communication Committee of the association. Christopher is also Interim President of the Franklin Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization. Christopher is very active in his community and wants to try and make the neighborhood better for himself, his children, and his neighbors.

Vice-President: Vincent Hancock.  Vincent has lived in Delano for over 25 years.  He previously served as a District Director and President. He has shown how much he cares about our neighborhood association by working to help our neighbors communicate more effectively with each other, communicate with our city government, and has encouraged and trained neighbors to be leaders.  He plays with history and works in technology.

Treasurer: Pat Brown. Pat states: I have lived in Delano for over 19 years. As I am happily retired, I like to spend my time walking along the Arkansas river close to Seneca and McLean, spending time with friends, volunteering my time (to keep me out of trouble), and working the fertile ground in my flower and herb gardens.
Math, bookkeeping and numbers are a way for me to exercise my mind, and I do get teased by friends at being able to add in my head, and balance my checkbook to the penny every month. Financial competence is natural for me. To my amazement and delight, Delano has grown in population, business expansion, culture and community activities. To be a part of this growth is an honor, and a way to give back and serve my community and the people who live here.
I am an active advocate for the Delano District, and want to be a part of it’s continuing growth and development.

Secretary: Rosemary DeMoss. I've lived in the community for four years and have two beautiful daughters. I was the secretary for Franklin PTO. I appreciate and thank you for this opportunity.