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Residents say poo to PUD

Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 19:04

The District 6 Advisory Board (DAB 6) met on September 12th, 2022 with several dozen Delano neighbors in attendance. Most were there to discuss a planning department (MAPD) agenda item that would re-zone the SE corner of McLean & Vine for development of two story apartments.

The proposed “Planned Unit Development PUD2022-00011 was loosely based on Two Family Residential (TF-3) zoning with a key difference being that the two story buildings would be built right next to the sidewalk, just like our Central Business (CBD) zoning areas. This area was acquired by the city 27 years ago during the McLean widening and someone in the city decided it should be offered to the highest bidder for “urban infill”.

Each Neighbor was given three minutes to passionately share their feelings, opinions, and researched facts about how replacing a widely utilized green space near the river with 19 dwelling units did not match the “character of the neighborhood” as claimed by MAPD. There were several hearty chuckles about the modern “Delano Street Walkers” who enjoy the walkability of our neighborhood every evening. After 45 minutes of public comments, the DAB discussed, deliberated and voted unanimously to not approve the MAPD recommendation.

Ten years ago, prospector David Leben of Trek AEC had the bright idea to drill an oil well from the area between McLean and Sycamore, down under McLean and the river to beneath Century II. After hearing the “Don’t Frack with Delano” call to action, visitors and neighbors were in record attendance at the DNA meeting. The thought of Oil Drilling in Delano was not popular. Bad news always seems to bring people together.